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  18.06.2006 Sunday
THE BEST HIGHT TO PARTY with Cirque du Soleil performers THE RUSSIAN WAY


  17.06.2006 Saturday SINGLES NIGHT music by dj Max FEEL THE SUMMER WITH US


Sashas News
2005-12-10     The first Russian Friday

The first RUSSIAN FRIDAY ClubT: It was the season’s incomparable party. Urmala finalist STEFANI presented the best songs of her new album "I Will Follow You". MISS RussianNY 2005 FINALISTS enjoyed greatly at the Party. Everybody was happy to join RussianNY 7th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION yesterday. Grand Opening was a success!!! Thank you for your participation!!!

Вчерашние вспышки энергии и всплески эмоций уже в прошлом, лишь только устойчиво хорошее настроение осталось в настоящем, а что еще нужно, чтобы настроиться на позитив на целую неделю? Пару слов, как это было…

November 13      
Casting for Warner Bros reality show called elimiDate @ Au Bar... Attention all hot and single men and women!!!! Elimidate will be in the house on Sunday, November 13th, 2005, casting for their all-new season! Are you between the ages of 21-30? Are you attractive, outgoing, and competitive? Want some national TV exposure? Then this is for you! Find out more when you meet with the casting team from elimiDATE!


November 2 


Our new forum!

We're happy to invite U to participate in our new forum. We're waiting for feedback as everything we do - we do for U. Let's enjoy our time together!!!

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